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Do you require safety surfacing for your grounds?

Children having fun in a tarmac outdoor play area with swings, slides and climbing frames

Safety-conscious spaces

Hawthorn Heights Ltd provides a wide range of durable safety surfaces for your play area and can cater for all your safety needs. We supply and install play park equipment and wet pour rubber surfacing across Ireland.

If our images inspire you, give us a call to discuss your project today and find out more about our available wet pour safety surfacing. Hawthorn Heights Ltd is based near Londonderry and available across Ireland and the UK.

Wet pour safety surfacing

EPDM wet pour safety surfacing is a high performance environmentally safe surface that is perfect for children’s play areas. Graded black or coloured EPDM rubber granules are mixed with resins to form a trowel applied wet pour surface that can be laid at a thickness to suit the critical fall heights of that area of play.

“Tumbletops Safety Surfacing” is our own special safety surfacing compound that creates an ideal surface for a safety-conscious play area. Our installation team have the capacity to surface small areas to entire playground sites.

Using polyurethane resin and EPDM rubber granules we are flexible to create a variety of colours and designs. Wet pour rubber surfacing is usually laid at a thickness of 35-45 mm where there is no critical fall height. The thickness can be increased around areas where there is high equipment being used to reduce the risk of injury to a child falling from a height, such as a climbing frame or slide.

Safety rubber is installed with minimum fuss to the environment and has an extremely fast curing process, which keeps the application time and inconvenience to a minimum. On average, 80% of our surfaces are recycled rubber tyres, making it one of the most ecologically friendly safety flooring options available. Not only does it help clean up the environment, but the rubber’s sound absorbing qualities also help to reduce noise pollution.

Wet pour will add safety to the environment as well enhancing the playing experience with exciting and colourful designs; stimulating children’s minds and adding adventure and fun to your play area.
A play area with surfaces painted teal, yellow, green and terracotta

The benefits of wet pour safety surfacing

  • Protects children from serious injuries as opposed to falling on a hard surface
  • Fast installation
  • Fast curing
  • Economically installed
  • Quality finish
  • Environmentally friendly surface
  • Great colour range
  • Wide range of colours and designs
  • Durable and low maintenance

Play area constructed from safety grass matting

Safety Grass Matting

We can install black rubber matrix tiles onto your existing turf, allowing the existing grass to grow through, which can then be mown as usual.

This surface is only suitable for reasonably flat sites with good quality existing turf. Plastic pegs hold the mat in place until the grass grows through strengthening the hold further. Following installation it is important for the client to maintain the edges of the turf and keep the grass watering.

This surface will follow any existing undulations on site. Installation onto unsuitable sites with soft ground, existing turf of insufficient ground quality can cause tiles to sink and reduce the impact absorbency properties of the surface, and poor maintenance can also lead to uneven patches creating trip points or reducing impact absorbing properties. For more information on the benefits of safety grass matting, contact our experienced team today. 

Play Bark

This high quality graded bark gives an attractive surface, which is well suited to most locations and for use with the majority of equipment.

Play bark surfacing has excellent impact absorbing properties and combines well with many units to give a warm natural appearance.

To meet the requirements of BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177, all play bark surfaces should be maintained to a depth of 250mm. The use of raised bark areas will aid drainage.
Wooden climbing frames on an area of play bark


Our wet pour is in accordance with BSEN1177 and BS7188 and is covered by a five year guarantee against surface defect. Adhesion of wet pour surfacing to PCC kerbing is also covered by a five year guarantee as is the adhesion of wet pour to existing tarmac (including cut and chase edge). This guarantee excludes failure caused as a result of a structural instability in the existing tarmac. In addition, we offer a ten year UV stability guarantee on our wet pour meaning it will not fade against sun rays and a five year guarantee against staining from carbon release. Our surfacing does not contain in its finished state any substance which is known to be toxic or carcinogenic when in contact with skin and that no toxic or carcinogenic substances will be released as a vapour or dust during normal use. View our recent projects to see our products in use and contact our dependable team today to arrange a consultation with our specialist installers.
Reliable safety surfacing installations including safety grass matting, play bark and wet pour systems. Contact Hawthorn Heights Ltd in Londonderry and available across Ireland and the UK.

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